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There are never enough weeks. There are never enough minutes. There are never enough words wrongly autocorrected cause I’m writing in another language. There are never enough people to meet, hug, talk, go out with and eventually hug again to say goodbye, and really miss them. There are never enough TV shows to catch up, new bands to listen to in the car or great new places to eat out. Never enough space in my heart to leave unfilled without making me feel kind of dead everytime I go away. There is never enough time to see the kids growing, the girls being pregnant and the couples start to happen.
Everytime I come here, I just feel like time has jumped. Like there is nothing in between. At least not enough. But there’s always the positive way on seeing things. That would be thinking I have two worlds, that just couldn’t go together and that’s just fine, if I ever manage my way to make my life enough for both.